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Supply Chain Resiliency

manufacturing supply chain in Tennessee

When you partner with TMEP, you're investing in a supply chain designed for resiliency and agility. Leverage Connex Tennessee to establish reliable, cost-effective partnerships. Our OEM Supplier Development programs can help with your suppliers for your unique needs.

CONNEXTM TENNESSEE. A cloud-based database to enable you to visualize your supply chain, search for qualified suppliers, and discover new business opportunities. Learn More >

OEM Supplier Development. We can assist with supplier scouting and supply chain risk management and optimization. Learn More >  

Download our Manufacturers' Guide to Managing Supply Chain Risk. 


Manufacturing operations are often disrupted by challenges that can cause catastrophic setbacks, bleeding revenue and eroding customer trust. In a world where every second counts, your supply chain can make or break you.

The Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership (TMEP) can help strengthen your supply chain by connecting you with qualified domestic suppliers via our CONNEX Tennessee platform, supply chain consulting engagements, and customized OEM supplier development programs. Our Tennessee-based Manufacturing Supply Chain Consultants specialize in the challenges and opportunities faced by manufacturers. We've helped many clients streamline their supply chains and connect with local qualified suppliers.
In the intricate web of modern manufacturing, the supply chain is your lifeline. It's more than just moving parts from A to B; it’s about building a cohesive, agile operation that responds to market fluctuations and minimizes risks. Our consulting services integrate state-of-the-art analytics, deep industry insights, and tactical expertise to create a supply chain that's not just a cost center but a strategic asset.
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