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Optimized People Development Systems

The OPDS mapping exercise was a key part of understanding the current state of our processes and it is imperative that you know and understand this so that you can reconstruct a system that will lead to improvement. - Mid South Wire Operations Manager David Roos

TMEP’s Optimized People Development System (OPDS) is a leadership framework focused on continuous improvement for your organization's internal workforce processes utilizing systems thinking, applying lean concepts, and promoting the growth of a learning organization. 

In today's competitive landscape, untapped human potential leads to missed growth opportunities, decreased innovation, and limited organizational agility. Manufacturers grappling with challenges like inconsistent staffing, high turnover, and a disengaged workforce need a strategic solution. 

The five functional areas of the People Development System make up a network of multiple interconnections and relationships. Information, communication, relationships, and more flow through this system. Seeing the whole system can often present improvement opportunities that might be left unseen otherwise. 

opds car

The Optimized PDS is designed to facilitate a robust discussion among all system stakeholders to:

  1. Gain insight into and "see" the current state of the system.
  2. Comprehend its operational intricacies.
  3. Begin to develop a strategy to improve the PDS performance.      

Get started today!

  1. Contact a Solutions Consultant to discuss your workforce opportunities or challenges.
  2. Together we will create a specific plan to accomplish your goals.
  3. Implement and sustain the recommended solutions for long-term success.