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Programs & Partnerships

Programs & Partnerships


The Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership at the UT Center for Industrial Services boasts a network of invaluable organizational partners that significantly contribute to its mission of fostering industrial excellence and innovation. 

These esteemed partners represent a diverse array of industries, bringing together the collective expertise and resources necessary to address contemporary challenges and drive sustainable solutions. Collaborating closely with these organizations, the center leverages their unique perspectives and industry insights to offer cutting-edge services, research initiatives, and educational programs. This dynamic partnership network underscores the center's commitment to bridging academia and industry, facilitating a seamless exchange of knowledge and fostering a collaborative environment that propels industrial sectors forward.

America's Cutting Edge (ACE)

Center for Advanced Systems Research and Education (CASRE)

Center for Career Development

Center for Materials Processing

Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI)

Integrated Engineering Design

Machine Tool Research Center

Reliability and Maintainability Center

Southeastern Advanced Machine Tools Network (SEAMTN)