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Continuous Improvement

Solving operational problems is difficult. Choosing the best method to improve your operations can be overwhelming. Our team of manufacturing consultants, with over 30 years of working with Tennessee companies, can help identify the best set of solutions to your unique challenge.

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Lean Manufacturing. Built on the foundations of 5S and Standardized Work, Lean Manufacturing creates a sustainable production process that maximizes productivity and customer value. Learn More >

Problem Focused Improvement. Utilizing a Kaizen approach, teams employ a focused improvement activity to target, attack, and eliminate a production challenge. Learn More >

Six Sigma. If your company is looking to reduce process variability and risk in a complex environment, TMEP can provide training for all levels of Six Sigma Certification. Learn More >

Toyota Kata.Often described as the missing link to Lean Manufacturing, Toyota Kata allows your team to establish the habits and routines needed to be effective problem solvers. Learn More >

For leaders seeking to overcome cost, quality, and delivery challenges, we provide implementation assistance utilizing Lean manufacturing, Kaizen, Six Sigma, and Kata methods customized for your facility’s specific challenges. The result is a customer focused production system that drives profitability, competitive advantage, and employee engagement.

Are you experiencing excessive scrap and rework, uncontrolled costs, unexplained process variation, excessive lead times, insufficient throughput, high workforce turnover, unsatisfied customers, or an inability to secure new business?
Continuous Improvement

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1. Contact a Solutions Consultant to discuss your continuous improvement opportunities or challenges.
2. Together we will assess your situation and create an improvement plan.
3. We will work side by side with your team to drive manufacturing excellence.