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Six Sigma Training in Tennessee
Six Sigma isn't just a set of tools; it's a mindset. To successfully adopt that mindset, you need a guide who understands both the nuances of the methodology and the intricacies of manufacturing. That's where TMEP Six Sigma Black Belt experts can design customized solutions, tailored training, and hands-on guidance, ensuring you derive maximum value from the methodology.

In a market where precision and efficiency are paramount, failure to optimize processes can lead to increased costs, waste, and customer dissatisfaction. Six Sigma offers a systematic approach to process improvement, focusing on reducing variability and enhancing quality.

Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Partnership (TMEP) can help your team at every step of the Six Sigma process. We can facilitate training, coaching, and certification at the following levels:

  • Yellow Belt Training. Develop the technical skills of individuals that will be supporting Green Belt project teams.
  • Green Belt Training and Certification. Develop the technical skills of individuals selected to become key Six Sigma Project Team Members and leaders of smaller Six Sigma projects.
  • Black Belt Training and Certification. Develop the technical and leadership skills of those individuals who have been selected to become Six Sigma Black Belts.
  • Master Black Belt Training and Certification. Develop the technical skills of individuals selected to create and implement your company wide Six Sigma strategy.


Engaging in TMEP’s Six Sigma Program involves:

  1. Structured Training. Participate in detailed Six Sigma training. 
  2. Practical Application. Apply learned techniques to real-world business scenarios.
  3. Achieving Certification. Earn Six Sigma belts as a mark of expertise.
  4. Implementing Improvements. Implement Six Sigma tools to enhance business processes.
  5. Building a Continuous Improvement Team. Develop a team skilled in Six Sigma to lead ongoing process enhancements.

Get started today!

  1. Contact a Solutions Consultant to discuss your improvement opportunities or challenges.
  2. Together we will create a specific plan to accomplish your goals.
  3. We will work side by side with your team to drive manufacturing excellence.